ZAWP, Bilbao, Spain

The special thing about ZAWP (Zorrotzzaure Art Work in Progress) is its
exquisite position in Bilbao. It’s situated on an island, pretty central
to the city and mostly consists out of a run-down and left for good
industrial area of Bilbao. However, the neighbourhood development
project ZAWP keeps the community on this island alive. Haceria was the
name of the original project, founded by a bunch of theatre people 19
years ago. It took place in an old iron factory and still does. The rest
followed in 2008 and today it is a bustling place full of creativity and
progress. The whole area comprises different projects like creation
spaces, a showroom for exhibitions, a theatre, a bar, stages like the
Haceria and a hall with (listen up!!) shipping-containers to work and
live in. But ZAWP doesn’t only offer its service to the Zorrotzzaure
neighbourhood, it also opens its infrastructure to international
projects looking for a working-space. So many good ideas created on this
island pass over but one bridge. Have a look!




UAUU, Ljubljana, Slovenia

And now for something (not) completely different:

UAUU is a very small gallery founded 2014 by a group of local artists. It provides space for exhibitions and cross-cultural events. Behind the show-room, you can find space for workshops and a shy cat enjoying the cozy atmosphere. Being very inconspicuous you can miss it easily. But don’t give up – it’s absolutely worth a visit!



Poligon, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Co-Working works!
This project is one of the best ideas ever. You can visit a beautiful furnitured place to have a coffee, maybe see a little exhibition or concert, meet some open-minded people…
… but basically you go there to work!
There are different affordable tarifes for different time-periods from up to a day, a week, a month or even a year. What you’ll get is a fitting workingspace from a cosy living room atmosphere to very calm office-like places. You can even use a conference room for business meetings.
After work or in between you can relax by challenging some co-workers to play table-tennis or table-football.

Poligon helps developing business ideas and models on a non-profit basis.
Take a look at the pictures or start a co-working-trip to Ljubljana.